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I was thinking about this line

> A technologically mature “posthuman” civilization would have enormous computing power.

and I wonder if that assumes "compute" is the best way to a simulation. Like I wonder if in some far future, post-human society, it would actually be cheaper to move matter around and arrange it into a big bang, and then watch a new universe unfold. In that case, us being in a simulation would be kind of indistinguishable from "the real deal".

Although I guess if your goal was to observe your ancestors, it might be trickier to do that. Imagining how you'd observe a computer simulation is pretty easy, but imagining how to observe an actual universe seems trickier. Maybe some simulation philosophers have already thought through this 😄

what do you think? if we're simulated, do you think we're made of matter or 1's and 0's?

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Have you read Unsong?

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