A three year long journey ends.
React isn't as safe as I thought it was.
What things help a person responding to an incident?
Trying to get myself to do something (any thing) well.
Notes on books I read and liked in 2022

July 2022

How to keep your codebase safe against stray "<script>alert("Hello")</script>" snippets.

June 2022

I tried to get DALL-E 2, OpenAI’s amazing image generation model, to draw various moments of my life.

May 2022

The potential a superintelligent AI unlocks is colossal.

April 2022

The common theme among successful people.

January 2022

My quest to read books instead of wasting time scrolling through Internet feeds.
The things you need to know about cryptography as a Software Engineer who doesn't have time for lots of weird math.
I spent some time this week playing with Github Copilot.